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Through our website we would like to transmit to you an idea of progress and application of high technology, in a subject as important as that of the extraction of smokes and ventilation in general. and to project a consolidated, modern and dynamic company image from the two main premises that guide our business activity: the commitment with our clients, the service and the quality.
ALTEX S.L., company founded in 1994, is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial extractor hoods for the hospitality industry and to the commercialization of elements for the extraction of fumes (boxes, fans and motors), for the filtration as well as conduits and Accessories, filtering ceilings, fire extinguishing systems and heat recuperators.
Our distribution network covers the whole national and international territory, being our main clients the commercial hotels, both small, medium and large companies, counting in our portfolio with more than 800 clients, among them, Important firms in the sector of recognized prestige both nationally and internationally.
A team of commercial technicians formed by qualified and knowledgeable personnel of the product, deals with the sale of our products at both local and national level, with delegates in all areas of Spain.
The headquarters of ALTEX S.L., is located in the Gran Vía Sud polygon of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, a population bordering Barcelona, a privileged location for the national and international distribution of our products.
We have an exceptional human team and a complete and expert technical, commercial and productive team that will provide the right solution to every need, in time and form, factors that make ALTEX S.L. considered one of the leading companies manufacturer of Industrial extractor hoods in Spain.


The application of these principles is the basis on which their decisions are based.


ALTEX S.L., company founded in 1994, is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial extractor hoods for the hotel industry and to the commercialization of elements for the extraction of fumes (boxes, fans and motors), for the filtration as well as conduits and Accessories, filtering ceilings, fire extinguishing systems and heat recuperators.
ALTEX S.L., not only offers a quality product, also offers a quality of service. It has No customers and suppliers, has collaborators that day by day make their business relationship closer and with a great commitment, creating synergies and market strategies through their products and services.
The current market circumstances are the increase in competitiveness in the sector, more demands on the quality of service, the temporality of the facilities and more complex economic conditions, which leads to the approach of a policy of Quality of theservice updated and functional.
That is why the demands of their activity go through the need for great adaptability and flexibility to be able to serve each and every one of their clients in each and every one of the necessities of their products, in each and every one of the points to which they supply and distributed.


To be a reference company, leader in the sector of smoke extraction and fire extinguishing equipment, promoting our human teams with training in continuous improvement, and reinforcing the professional relations in close collaboration with clients andAs well as innovation in new technologies to ensure and improve the quality of services.


To preserve the wellbeing, the motivation and the overcoming of our personnel, our human capital, the main value and that strengthens our organization day by day.
  • “Progress and development are impossible if one continues to do things as he has always done” this phrase by American writer Wayne W. Dyer, serves as an inspiration for our new developments in projects and innovative solutions in the field of Smoke extraction and fire suppression.
  • Profitability in the medium and long term: under this perspective, ALTEX S.L. reinvests all the resources generated to its objective of financing its future investments, making possible the growth of the company.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: ALTEX S.L. is open to innovation as one of its principles. Technological innovation is a competitive advance for ALTEX S.L., since capturing the opportunities offered by the current market and renewing, derives from its continuous commitment together with innovation.


  • Commitment: We seek excellence and profitability through optimum levels of competitiveness, service, quality, safety and environmental protection. There is a commitment to the client: excellence in workmanship, utmost care in detail and in offering thebest quality. We fulfill our commitments, business and society. ALTEX S. L is a member of the medical NGO of the World and has collaborated with the Spanish Red Cross in a campaign for the donation of extractor bells.
  • Confidence: We offer the utmost reliability in all our projects.
  • Entrepreneurs: We go one step further, innovating to offer solutions to the needs of our customers.
  • Honesty and professional ethics: Our basis is personal honesty and integrity and always in the search to build the best relationships with our environment. We are faithfulto the interests of our clients. We base our relationships on mutual respect.
  • Innovation: Our fire extinguishing systems for ALT-EX extractor hoods and CTA products with a current, environmentally-friendly system.
ALTEX S.L., has always been a pioneer in its sector, the investment it makes in R & D + i is the result of its success.


  • Seriousness and professionalism: we act with clients and collaborators according to the values and principles of the company: Quality, commitment and seriousness.
  • Overcoming: We are demanding with the customer service we offer, with our work, with our result. We seek satisfaction through our continuous improvement in all the professional areas that we cover.
  • Teamwork. collaboration with internal and external staff, clients and suppliers. We work from within with an open and collaborating system to encourage and project a close, transparent, honest and positive attitude.
  • Competitive Advantages: We highlight the quality of our products, our extraction equipment and our materials. Our assemblies in a time frame which are tailored to the customer’s needs, our technical department which is highly qualified, our commercial professional experts are advisors to our clients.
  • What makes us different? The quality and diversity of our products and above all our highly qualified professional team.


Our wide and extensive experience in the sector has allowed us to make numerous facilities in different types of premises and emblematic and important buildings of which we can highlight, to put some examples:

ALTEX in the world: