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ALT-EX fire extinguishing


  • Because of its effectiveness and aesthetics it is considered one of the best in the market.
  • The most effective system is non-toxic and does not affect machinery. Requires minimal space for location and low maintenance. All this makes the system more recommended today.
  • Complies with the current regulations of the Basic Fire System document (DBSI) of December 16, 2011.
  • Approved system for greater protection of the fire sensitive areas in our industrial kitchens.


The ALT-EX system is an automatic and manual activation extinguishing system to protect the fire ranges, protecting the physical persons present in the fire, as well as the cooking elements and the extractor hood with all its components.
System operation
When a fire is caused in, for example, a fryer in a kitchen, the first to act, if no one is present, are the thermal fuses. If there was any testimony to the event, it would activate the system manually. The thermal fuses melt when they reach their marked temperature (optimized according to the cooking element that they have below), once they are melted they leave free a tensioning cable that will give the “warning” to the firing head of the ALT-EX system. The firing head by means of a mechanical system will activate the cylinder, releasing the extinguishing agent. The liquid will travel through the pipe network, leaving all the nozzles, flooding the extinguishing agent the entire installation, thus avoiding that the fire expands along the elements that compose the kitchen and its bell.
ALT-EX System features.
• Complete protection (according to document DBSI): Cooking Zone + plenum (inside hood) + ducts
• Low PH foaming liquid (non-corrosive and easy to clean)
• Completely harmless for both humans and the environment (biodegradable)
• Self-contained mechanical system (does not incorporate electrical operating elements)
• Incorporates thermal fuse
• Continuous operation (no human presence required for firing)
• Easy system for Anchorage and release of the tank that facilitates the quick change in the maintenances.
• Optional: Connection to a central alarm or gas shutoff valve.

(*) Armario con frontal inoxidable de reducido tamaño que contiene el mecanismo de disparo y el tanque del almacenamiento del agente extintor, (opcionalmente) puede conectarse a una válvula de cierre del gas o conexionarlo a una central de alarmas.