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exhaust hoods: AIRDOOR

  • Perimeter induction system

  • Integrated fresh air curtain

Improves three key aspects in relation to conventional models:


It uses an innovative technology that reduces the flow of extraction between 20% and 35%(depending on the kitchen), reducing installation costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.


Especially effective in cooking where large amounts of smoke and high temperatures are generated (barbecues, grills, broiler chickens, wood or coal ovens), as it retains completely within its catchment both the smoke and the temperature generated by these types ce cooking.  


With its exclusive diagonal induction system, it achieves a pure atmosphere in the kitchen and eliminates the annoying excesses of temperature, since these are directed towards the filters, separating them from the cook and consequently increasing the quality and comfort of the work area.

He achieves it by:

The extraction conventional

The perimeter fresh air curtain

The diagonal induction perimetral

The diagonal induction and the fresh air curtain exclusive to this model can be supplied with clean air in two ways: with built-in internal ventilation fan (this system avoids the need to install supply ducts) or in those facilities in which input is needed extra air (hermetically or air-conditioned kitchens), the air is collected by pipes as in the conventional contributions.



390X490X50 stainless steel plate filters included in the price



390X490X50 stainless steel plate filters included in the price