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  • With perimeter induction and an integrated air curtain

  • With incoming air from the outside on the facade

  • Measurements to meet all needs

  • Available in a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted model

Compared to traditional models, it improves three key aspects:


It features new technology which reduces the extraction flow by 20-35% (depending on the kitchen), thereby reducing installation costs, energy consumption and the environmental impact.


Particularly effective with cooking that generates large quantities of smoke and high temperatures (barbecues, grills, chicken roasters, wood and coal ovens) as it completely keeps the smoke and temperature generated by these types of cooking in the capture area.


With an exclusive diagonal induction system, it creates a pure environment in the kitchen and eliminates bothersome excess temperature as it is guided towards the filters to separate it from the chef which increases quality and comfort in the work area.

It provides:

  • Traditional extraction
  • A perimeter air curtain
  • Perimeter diagonal induction
  • Facade compensation

The diagonal induction and air curtain features are exclusive to this model and may be fed in two ways to get pure air. With a built-in internal fan (this system means no incoming air conduits need to be installed) or with systems requiring supplemental air (hermetic or climate-controlled kitchens), the air is collected from the outside through conduits as with traditional incoming air flows.

Fully built in AISI 304 stainless steel. The induction air and air curtain are provided by a built-in fan in the air distribution plenum. Facade hood compensation.

Equipped with an internal aspiration plenum box with regulation flaps for filter-to-filter flow.






  • Height: 670 mm
  • Depths: 1.200 and 500 mm
  • Lengths: 1.500, 1.700, 2.000, 2.200 and 2.500 (A single piece)


  • Height 670 mm
  • Depths 2.400 and 3000 mm
  • Lengths: 1.500, 1.700, 2.000, 2.200 and 2.500 (A single piece)

All other measurements are modular up to the length required for each cooking area.


They may optionally be supplied with flush fitted LED lamps (2 IP65 tubes), an automatic fire extinguishing system, automatic flow regulation or A-UV technology