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Exhaust hoods: ECO COMPENSATED

ECO-compensated hood, built in all its parts views of AISI 304 stainless steel with fine polishing finish.
Hood-shaped specially designed to give the set the maximum rigidity, with the minimum height to maintain, according to regulation, the filters at angle of inclination between the 45 º and 60 º on the horizontal.
Lateral without inclination for greater capacity and visor or cantilever in curve to direct the fumes and smokes towards the filter collector.
In the model wall has a new clamping system that facilitates its installation, making possible the lateral displacement, until obtaining the perfect wall anchorage.
The Assembly of all the parts seen from the hood is made by means of welded bolts on the inside; Thus giving the possibility of dismantling the assembly if necessary (to enter it through a small door or to expand it), giving a great beauty of lines, by not seeing rivets or screws.
Incorporates Plenum air supply with baffle outside the suction manifold. Maximum safety with a V-shaped reinforcement perimeter channel with round-stitched sheet metal to avoid cuts.
Designed to incorporate 490x490x50 filters.
Drainage system to collect the greases retained by the filter manifold, with a threaded metal plug outlet. Perimeter channel that collects the condensation inside the overhang or visor and sides.