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Exhaust hoods: MONOBLOC


Recommended for application in small installations, where their optimum value for money makes them unbeatable.
Currently, features on this model have multiplied with adoption of three-speed fans and an optional connection for a Clixon temperature switch.
To make this matter clearer, here are specific situations where this model is NOT recommended: 
  • Large dimensions. We do not recommend working with lengths greater than 2500 mm, since the extraction flow needed would call for such a large fan that it would not fit inside the hood.
  • High temperatures. Not for use where cooking at very high temperatures is carried out, such as barbecues, chicken roasters, etc.
  • High load loss. Low pressure direct motor fans such as those fitted in these types of hood cannot cope with high load losses such as those which may be caused by small section ducting, or by correct section but with many metres of chimney extension.
  • Situations in which an extremely low level of noise is called for because of special characteristics. We must remember that however perfect the fan is, it is still located inside the hood, which means that it is at less than a metre and half away from the chef.
  • Not recommended when various outlets pass through the same ducting, since this could cause smoke blow-back.