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fan box ASO – 400º/2h


Ventilation enclosures to evacuate air at 400°c/2h., with a forward centrifugal fin fan, dynamic balancing, installed on silent-blocks and flexible joint at the discharge points, operated with a transmission with three-phase ip55 motor. provides a higher pressure. In turn, they are larger and produce higher sound levels than standard enclosures


They can equip 0.25 to 15 kw motors. Installed on a volute, up to 2.2 kw. The rest is installed on the bench.

Power supply voltages
Three-phase 230/400V – 50Hz up to 3 kw
400V-50Hz, for higher power ratings.

Manufactured with galvanised steel plate, melamine thermal-acoustic insulation, simple suction centrifugal fan. Top quality finishes with aluminium corners.


Simple ear centrifugal fan.