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fan ALTV


For deck or roof mounting and suitable for:


  • Ventilation in general
  • Renovation of flawed environments in all types of buildings and industries.
  • Smoke extraction.
  • Domestic and industrial hoods.
Series composed of 9 different types from size 20 to 100, provided with engines of 4.6 poles single-phase and 4.6 and 8 poles three-phase and 2 speeds.
Flow rates from 1,100 m3/h to 18,000 m3/h and pressures up to 60 mmca.
Maximum working temperature 80 ° C continuous.

Constructive characteristics
  • Protective cap in reinforced plastic.
  • Frame support for roof adaptation and bird protection grid in galvanized sheet.
  • High-Performance backward curved impellers built in galvanized sheet metal.
  • Impeller refrigeration.
  • Standard asynchronous Squirrel Cage Motor with IP-55 protection and insulation class F. Standard voltages of 230v 50 Hz for single-phase motors, 230/400v 50 Hz for three-phase motors and 400v for 2-speed.