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fan box AMI – double inlet


Acoustically insulated boxes, equipped with dual-suction fans of the game AMI

With built-in motor, designed for outdoor or indoor mounting and indicated mainly for: ventilation in general, renovation of flawed environments in all types of buildings and industries and extraction of fumes and fumes from industrial kitchens.



  • Galvanized sheet steel structure with thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  • Impeller with forward-facing blades made from galvanized sheet steel
  • Stuffing-box for cable input


  • Class F closed motors with incorporated thermal protector, ball bearings and IP-54 protection
  • Single-phase 220-240V.-50Hz. and three-phase 220-240/380-415V.-50Hz.
  • Max. air temperature to transport: -20ºC.+ 60ºC.


  • Anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel.


On request: with circular inlet