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fan box AMT – double inlet


Soundproof ventilation units fited with double inlet fans, AMT series

With transmission driven motor, designed for outdoor or indoor installation and suitable for: ventilation in general, renewal of air in stuffy environments in any type of buildings and industries and extraction of smoke, fumes and steam in industrial kitchens.


  • Galvanized sheet steel structure with thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  • Impeller with forward-facing blades made from galvanized sheet steel
  • Stuffing-box for cable input
  • CADT/AL: with aluminium profiles


  • Motors with IE-2 efficiency, except for motors with lower powers than 0.75 kW, monophase motors or two-speed motors
  • Class F motors with ball bearings, IP55 protection
  • Three-phase 230/400V.-50Hz. (up to 5.5CV.) and 400/690V.-50Hz. (power over 5.5CV.)
  • Max. temperature of air for transport: -20ºC.+ 60ºC.


  • Anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel.

On request

  • With circular inlet