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What’s a Monobloc cooking hood?

It’s a cooking hood that includes inside a fan for smoke extraction, that, depending on it size will be of type 9/9 or 10/10 with different motor forces.

Which fan should I choose for the Monobloc cooking hood?
Depending on the size of the cooking hood, with a pipe of 300 mm diameter or more, the fan to be installed must have an engine of 1/3 HP or 1/2 HP. The pipe under 300 mm, but bigger than 200 mm, would bring a motor of 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP, depending on the hood.

If I have a pipe diameter sufficient for the cooking hood flow, why not to install a fan with a bigger power in order to extract more?
The engines 9/9 of 1/2 HP and 10/10 of 3/4 HP with 4 poles motors with more revs per minute need a minimum friction loss, if not the horn (security system) will stop and won’t let it work as per the temperature increasing.

Is that allowed to install a hood with motor included on it?
According to the norm, the fans for smoke extraction have to have the 400°/2h homologation. The engines included in that kind of cooking hoods are not homologated.

Which difference is there between a cooking hoods BASIC and PLEIN?
The BASIC one is the complete cooking hood without neither plenum nor regulation and the PLEIN one has an extraction plenum with debit regulation, filter by filter.

When should I install either a compensation or an induction hood?
Both types object, is to give an air contribution to the kitchen in order to avoid that the hood would extract the acclimatised air from the other rooms.
The compensation hood is recommended when the kitchens don’t have natural contribution of air. The air contribution is at ambient temperature, so that, induction hoods are reserved to climate with a very extreme temperature.

Which air debit percentage should we send to a compensate hood?
We must contribute with a 70-80% of the air debit. It’s important to note that the kitchen must work in depression, as that the air should enter into the kitchen and not to exit from it.