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inside fan box UPC – 400º/2h


Double inlet and direct motor extraction units and centrifugal fans for working inside fire danger zones 400ºC/2h, with possibility of single-phase motor


  • Galvanized sheet steel casing
  • Impeller with forward-facing blades made from galvanized sheet steel
  • Outside connecting box 400º/2h
  • Anti-vibration dampers
  • Approval according to Standard EN12101-3:2002, certificate no.: 370-CPD-0580


  • Class H motors, ongoing use S1 and emergency use S2, with ball bearings, IP55 protection, and one- or two- speed depending on the model.
  • Single-phase 230V 50 Hz. and Threephase 230/400V.50Hz. (up to 4CV.) and 400/690V.-50Hz. (power over 4CV.)
  • Max. temperature of air for transport: S1 Service -20ºC + 60ºC for ongoing use, S2 Service 300ºC/2h, 400ºC/2h


  • Anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel